New Sticker Are Here!

The New Wave 5 Stickers are here (plus new Banana Squid Sticker)!

Say hello to the new crew!

Guano Loco (upper Left)

Undead Head (upper right)

Hermit The Great (bottom left)

New Banana Squid (bottom right)

Temporary Shipping Delay


I will be away and unable to pack and ship items for a little bit.  I normally ship every two days, but in this case, I’ll be gone for a week, so shipments will be delayed… just a heads up!

The First Chump Magic Sale!


The First Chump Magic Sale!  This sale will run from now into the new year… at least that is the plan at this point.  Please take a look around and take advantage of any deals that seem fitting!

All items, aside from original works and wholesale products, have a 15% to 50% discount!


Local Art Showing at Palace Arts in Capitola

Im back for my forth year, displaying 8 brand spanking new pieces!  My artwork will be up for the entire month of August.  Also, I just drop them off a bunch of my stickers, so they should be selling Chump Magic stickers very soon.  Check it out!

Local Art Showing at the Sandbar


There are just a few days left to catch my artwork at the Sandbar.  This is the final week it will be up (comes down Sunday July 31, 2016), and next moth I’ll have some new stuff up in Palace Arts.

Edit: The show has been extended and the art will be up all of August 2016 too… Check it out!


freeStuffTime_withStickerRobotLets start off the year with some FREE STUFF TIME! This round is a little different and takes a bit more participation. To earn free stickers, simply go to my interview on the Sticker Robot blog (direct link below), read the interview (or scroll to the bottom…), and follow the instructions on the S.A.S.E. (self addressed stamped envelope). They have the steps laid out pretty clear.

Thanks Everyone!
Here is a direct link to the interview post: