About Us

Chump Magic | CHəmpˈmajik |

noun North American informal

An individual who turns a blank piece of paper into a goofy little doodle.

Synonyms Petty Mojo or Shabby Voodoo

The Company:

Chump Magic is a very tiny company based out of Soquel, California that focuses on doodling, drawing and creating various ink-based designs.  We create oodles of doodles for the world to ogle!  Owned and operated by a stinky little cloud walker trying to woolgather his way into endless jollity, our maxim and repetitious goal is merely, “LIVE TO LAUGH!”  We want to have fun doing what we love, and with any luck, dispense artwork and goodies that make others happy as well.  We hope you enjoy.

The Artist:

Hello! I am from a small village called Seascape, located in Aptos, California.  I spent most of my younger years with a pen and sketchbook, creating doodles heavily influenced by skate art, cartoons, comics, classic video game characters, and graffiti.  In 2009, I graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a BFA, studying 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation.  However, after a short time in the video game industry, I eventually return to my roots and self taught methods that revolve around my love for ink and drawing.  I have been fortunate to work with great companies such as Cisco Systems, Hot Topic, California Roots Music and Art festival, Shirt.Woot!, Creature Skateboards, Cryptic Studios, Emerald Cup, and many more.  In 2015, I started my own company called Chump Magic, following the dream of crafting my goofy ideas and personal creations.

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