SAVIOR: The Day The Devil Saved The World (Complete Graphic Novel)


SAVIOR: The Day The Devil Saved The World Graphic Novel is the complete story for “SAVIOR: T.D.T.D.S.T.W.” contained inside a very beautiful hardcover book with black foil edges and traditional black and white artwork by Chump Magic. Dive into 336 pages of b-horror / dark comedy awesomeness with tons of fun, goofy characters! The first chapter of “SAVIOR: T.D.T.D.S.T.W.” (before the final edits) is available for free, so click here if you wish to get a glimpse of this wild tale.

*** WARNING: This graphic novel is not suitable for kids.  It contains gore, nudity, dirty talk, foul language, an orgy, more gore and a bunch of other dumb crap…***

When soul-sucking Aliens attack Earth, it’s up to the Devil to become a hero. Teaming up with the sweetest little girl and a robot, the Devil sets out in one of the wildest, weirdest adventures filled with aliens, robots, demons, zombies, monsters, and mutants. It’s almost impossible to predict what comes next when the sh*t hits the fan.

Humor, horror, action, adventure and sci-fi.

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