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The new Chump Magic stickers are here! It was never planned, but now days I always add new stickers in groups of three once a year. These new goofy little stickers mark seventh wave of the sticker three pack. This year we have The Puffer Fish, Frank the Frank, and Heye.

The Puffer Fish – What can I say, I love working with puns… although it pains me to admit it or believe it’s true

Frank the Frank – Frankenstein’s Monster as a Hotdog (or Frank / Frankfurter). Both named Frank and both made for various body parts… it was just too difficult to pass up on this idea! Normally I try to avoid pop-culture / fan art as it is often poorly used and mistreated to quickly gain attention and income (which definitely does not get my approval), but I had to buckle for this one!

Heye– I like drawing eyeballs, but for the most part, all my characters have hollow eyes. I wanted to change that by adding some eyeball designs!

I hope you like the new line-up and enjoy these cool, silly stickers 🙂

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Free Comics

Click here (or the image above) to view a PDF version of the Teaser Edition of my graphic novel, “Savior: The Day The Devil Saved the World!”
Please allow time for the page to load while viewing on a mobile device.

Click here if you wish to download a copy!

Physical copies are available too!


I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my graphic novel. I am hoping to have the entire story completed and available by late 2021/ early 2022. Please do not hesitate to share this with anyone whom you think may appreciate this wacky tale. Thanks!